With 57,812 confirmed COVID related deaths in the United States as of recording, how will we cope with the amount of death brought about in such a short time by COVID-19? How do we cope with trauma when our usual social connections and interactions are restricted? Maiken Scott, a Health and Science reporter for WHYY Philadelphia and host of The Pulse a weekly Health and Science show, discusses covering mental health in the COVID-19 pandemic. Scott makes comparisons to other moments of collective trauma while pointing out the unique aspects of trauma associated with COVID-19, like loneliness brought about by social distancing measures. She also discusses the positives and negatives of the shift of mental health services to online spaces. She discusses the use of history during this moment, not as a collection of easy lessons, but as a way to put events into perspective. Scott also discusses the impact of the pandemic on journalism, which was already facing loses to revenue and local news outlets. For further reading: “U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Now Surpass Fatalities in the Vietnam War” “Outbreak 1793” “Who wants to hear an audio tour about a disgusting Philly epidemic? 10,000 visitors, that’s who”


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