Is the COVID-19 pandemic a preview of the type of disruptions that will come with the climate crisis? How are cities responding to and preparing for climate change related threats in a way that promotes environmental justice? Daniel Zarrilli, the Chief Climate Policy Advisor for the New York City Office of the Mayor, discusses how New York City is preparing for the climate crisis and working towards environmental justice. Zarrilli discusses his experience with Hurricane Sandy and how it put him on the path to dealing with climate change in municipal government. He also talks about the OneNYC 2050 long-term strategic plan for climate change as well as the C40 Cities network that connects cities around the globe to respond to the climate crisis. Zarrilli argues that the pandemic is an opportunity to move in a different direction on climate by investing in clean energy and infrastructure, fixing democracy, and helping city residents live healthier lives. He also discusses how students and young people can get involved in the response to climate change. In this episode the obituary of Henry Grimes of New York City, NY is read in remembrance of his life. For further reading: “On #EarthDay50, The Answer to Two Existential Crises is Staring Us in the Face” C40 Cities “Air pollution falls by unprecedented levels in major global cities during coronavirus lockdowns”  


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